Caffeine Hour: Asbury Park Roastery

Another day, another opportunity to scope out new coffee shops! After all, this blog is brought to you by coffee. To make my last weekend of college memorable, my roommate and I planned to spend our Saturday checking out a few of the many local coffee shops in Asbury Park that we had heard so much about. Stay tuned for more posts on those to come!

The first stop of our caffeine-fueled day was Asbury Park Roastery. The coffee shop has two locations in Asbury. My roommate and I went to their location in Convention Hall because it has seating and a more overall “coffee shop” vibe.


Convention Hall was decorated for Christmas with a huge Christmas tree in the center right outside the shop that really put me in the holiday spirit. The decor of the shop itself was minimalistic which I personally love and find adds ambiance with a hot cup of coffee in hand.


What I Got: I ordered their Café au Lait dark roast coffee with skim milk. The coffee had a super rich, creamy and smooth flavoring that made it the perfect cup to start my day with.

What I Thought: There is no arguing about it – if you’re on the hunt for a good cup of coffee, consider stopping by. The flavor was bold and delicious and I’m looking forward to going back and trying other flavors.

Worth the Mention: Asbury Park Roastery sells coffee and tea by the bag and by the cup. If you like what you taste, it’s pretty great to have the option of buying a bag to bring that perfect cup to your own kitchen!

xoxo Nic


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